You can watch Beany on her webcam by clicking here.

Instead of trying to provide a detailed care sheet here, I have chosen to simply link to Please do some detailed reading BEFORE getting your pet iguana.

I have devoted an entire room to my iggy. She has a cage that was used early in her life, but when she outgrew it we decided to move all her heating and lighting equipment to an area above the cage to allow her to perch on top of it. She has a ceramic heating element directly above her, which is attached to a thermostat located on the end of the cage. I keep this area of her cage around 95F for a basking spot. This is also were her UV lighting is located, since she spends most of her time at this end of the cage. The temperature of the rest of the room stays around 85F. She is potty trained, she goes outside quite often when the temps allow and gets a "bath" in her own tub when it's too chilly outside. This bath also helps to hydrate her in the colder months as it can get very dry in east TN during the winters.