Keeping Superworms


Our method of keeping, not breeding


***The best, easiest substrate to use is Worm Bedding***



Materials Needed:



  1. Pour 2-5 inches of substrate into the container…
  2. Insert worms
  3. Insert a couple orange slices and whatever veggies are going in that day
  4. Put on secure lid.
  5. Store at room temperature
  6. Fish the supers out for feeding with tongs
  7. Add cardboard hides/climbs for supers (makes them super easy to get out).
  8. Remove and replace the veggies every day or two to keep them from spoiling…



Supers last forever for us this way; they grow and grow and grow… I’ve never tried to provide for them to breed, I just order them and feed them off until they’re gone. They last over a month this way, generally I’ve never seen any dead in the kritter keeper, they seem to just keep growing.