Beardy Inventory:
         Below is a listing of the items we use and encourage people to purchase in advance of the beardies coming home.
         Ideally you should have to setup complete before purchasing the animal.
         As you'll note, I strive to *avoid* pet store supply purchases, I donít like pet stores due to their animal treatment and overall bad advice. They have their bottom line in mind, NOT your pet.
         Prices are to calculate initial investment ONLY, you'll need to factor in weekly food costs, etc.
         Think also - If you get two dragons and they are m/m or m/f (or even f/f and disliking of each other), you'll have to spend most this $ twice for two houses! - Jenn
Legend: Required Suggested Optional
  Cricket Food $15.00 I highly recommend - You need some form of cricket food anyway, might as well use the good stuff!
  Veggie/Greens Food Storage Dollar Store $3.00 Intial investment in baggies for greens/veggie storeage
  Reptisun 5.0 UVB Bulb, 24" Online $16.00 Usually is cheapest!
  Fluorescent Fixture, 24 inch Walmart $20.00 Will house the Reptisun Bulb, please get a $15-20 fixutre as it has been proven they produce more UVB output than the cheap $7-10 fixtures!
  250W Ceramic 8 or 10" Fixture Online $10.00 Ceramics are safest, usually cheap at
  Digital Thermometer Walmart $10.00 Acurite brand w/probe
  Herptivite Vitamins Walmart $7.00 Usually is cheapest!
  Rep-Cal Calcium Online $4.00 Usually is cheapest!
  Paper Towels, 12 count packs Walmart $5.00 You'll go through a many, sometimes newspaper is easier
  Misting bottle Walmart $1.00 Garden Dept.
  Basking Wood or Rocks Home Depot/Lowes $5.00 A board works well, baked, sanded and wrapped with cloth. Patio Stones are a blast too.
  Initial order of 1,000 crickets Online $20.00 Have crickets on hand when dragon arrives!
  40 Gallon Breeder Local Pet Store $110.00 Kind w/built in top, other housing is ok, 8 sq ft min. floor space for an Adult! A baby should start in a MINIMUM of a 20 LONG Tank!
  Rubbermaid Cricket Tubs Walmart $10.00 For keeping crickets, Opaque Color!
  Rubbermaid Feeding Tubs Walmart $10.00 For feeding beardies, Opaque color!
  Screening for Cricket Tubs Anywhere $5.00 You can even use old screen door screening, it doesnít have to be pretty, just functional. If getting new, the shiny aluminum kind can be hard to work with.
  Herp Salad Topper $5.00 Also from, this stuff is impressive.
  100 count 4'' paper plates Dollar Store $1.00 For Feeding Dishes, disposable & sanitary
  Timers Walmart $10.00 $5/each, one-setting timers
  Rep-Cal Beardie & Iguana Adult Pellets Online $20.00 Both are useful during vacations, low insect days, or to teach salad eating. Usually is cheap.
  Black & Decker Food Chopper Walmart $10.00 1.5 cups, a GREAT timesaver, grates your hard winter squashes, etc.
  Bath Tub Walmart $2.00 Just a plain old Rubbermaid
  Rubbermaid Dishpan Walmart $3.00 For a dig box
  Hides Walmart $10.00 Craft section - fake leaves, etc
  Hand Veggie Grater Walmart $3.00 For grating soft squashes, etc.
  Washed playsand Home Depot/Lowes $3.00 25 or 50lb bags usually
  Backgrounds Online $10.00 I don't use these, but some people love them. We like black limo tint for cars from Walmart, it is nice looking
  TOTAL   $328.00